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Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

If only you could plug the hole in your revenue and productive time – those rejected Medicare claims and money expended on claim resubmissions! Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Software from eClaimstatus is the answer.

If only you could have time, money and energy to invest in that new piece of equipment you’ve been meaning to get. Or fit in more patients into your schedule. Maybe, even go for that long-awaited vacation. Why not?

This and more is possible with a smart healthcare solution that’ll save you thousands of dollars every month while keeping patients, employees and you happy!

eClaimStatus is a Health insurance eligibility verification software that:

  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with zero setup or maintenance hassles
  • Assures real-time eligibility verification from 700+ payers
  • Fetches benefits data for 1 or 1000 patients in seconds
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Offers a 15-day trial
  • Does not cost the sky!

In fact, eClaimStatus costs 35%-40% lower than competitors because we don’t believe high quality solutions are only for a few! Use it as a ready reckoner for your front desk staff to identify the responsible party for billing.


Medicare Benefit verification can get tricky. When a patient has Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan, all claims must be submitted to Medicare Advantage Plan, not Medicare. Else, the claim will be denied as the patient’s primary insurer will be different.

Here's What You Get

Fetches coverage information from 700+ insurances under one login. No more calling and maintaining multiple user accounts for multiple payers.

Single Login Allows Benefit Verification with Multiple Insurance Companies

Verify insurance coverage with one username and password. No more calling, holding the line, faxing, or maintaining multiple user accounts for multiple payers.

Single Login
Real Time

Real-time Eligibility Verification

Patients shouldn’t have to wait while your front desk personnel check patients’ medical coverage benefits. You can get coverage details – active, inactive, specific benefits, and more in just 3-5 seconds. And, it’s color-coded for clarity!.

Batch Eligibility Processing Verification

Want to check the coverage details of multiple patients? No problem. Download your patient list from your practice management software and upload it to eClaimStatus. Over a 1000 records can take up to 1-2 minutes. Otherwise, you get the results in just a few seconds.

Batch Eligibility Processing Verification
Security & Safty

Security & Safety

Be assured on the safety of your Practice and patient data (PHI). eClaimStatus data centers are SSAE-16 SOC-1, SOC-2 certified as well as HIPAA HITECH, PCI-Level 1 DSS, NIST 800-53 compliant.

ZERO Installation & Maintenance Hassles

This means no installation, no maintenance overhead – and you always use the updated version of the software. Access the software from any desktop/laptop anywhere, anytime.

Zero Installation

One Management View for Practitioners

Practitioners and hospital heads can get a quick view of the number of insurance claims verified, active versus inactive, and more.

Downloadable Reports

All the reports can be downloaded in Excel format for record keeping.

Happier Patients

Happier Patients

Educate patients on their responsibilities – copay, coinsurance and deductible – before the treatment is provided. Eliminate claim rejection as well as costly and embarrassing patient follow-ups.

No Long-term Contract

We offer monthly subscription plans. No lock-in. No long-term contract. You are with us because you want to.

Customer Sevices

Customer Service

We’re here to help if you face difficulties. Raise the issue through our Support Ticket System. We have a 12-hour turnaround window for non-critical issues. Critical issues are resolved on priority using email, phone, and remote screen sharing tools.

Online Training

eClaimStatus is user-friendly, intuitive and self-explanatory. However, we also provide an online training so you can get the most out of the solution.

Online Training