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About Us

eClaimStatus is the work of technologists with 20+ years of experience in the medical billing industry. We understand the challenges for patients, front desk personnel, Practitioners and Billing Companies when it comes to eligibility benefit verification and claim status.

We wanted to eliminate the tedium and frustration for all – that’s how eClaimStatus came to be born. Our goal was to come up with a simple yet sophisticated tool that would handle the complex task of aggregating vital data from 900+ payers across the nation while being intuitive and affordable.

Jey Murugesh is the Founder of eClaimStatus and serves as the Chief Executive Officer since it's inception in 2016. He founded this with a goal of building the leading technology enabled process optimization business that helps healthcare providers operate more efficiently. He has over two decades of RCM experience and continues to shape and run the organization on the path of rapid growth and success.

Jey can be reached at jey.murugesh@eclaimstatus.com



Jey Murugesh
Founder & CEO