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User Friendly Health Insurance Claims Status Software by eClaimsStatus

Tired of calling insurance companies for patient’s medical claim status? Or checking the insurance web portals where you go patient by patient till your back and eyes are sore? There’s a better and faster way to get health insurance claim status for faster reimbursements and efficient analysis.

With eClaimStatus, you can reduce your costs around claim status verification by nearly 60%. Here’s how:

  • Fetch claim status in seconds.
    • All Major payer Network connectivity.
    • Get status for multiple claims with ease. Just upload in batch mode.
    • Our claim status trend assist you with root cause analysis and prevention of future denials.
    • Assist you to focus on more profitable tasks.

eClaimStatus has been developed by medical billing veterans. It’s easy to use, comes with zero setup or maintenance hassles, is HIPAA compliant, offers a 15-day trial, and is 35%-40% more affordable than comparable products in the market. How come, you ask? Because our team knows the frustration of claim status verification and wants to alleviate the problem for all medical practitioners – big or small and Billing companies.


Single Login

Verify claim status of patients from any payer, with one username and password. No more calling, holding the line, faxing, or maintaining multiple user accounts for multiple payers.

Single Login
Real Time

Instant, Real-time Claim Status

Provide health insurance claim details and view the real-time status in 3-5 seconds. Get details such as adjudication date, payment details, reason for denial, etc.

Bulk Claim Status

Claim status for multiple patients/claims can be checked using Batch Mode in eClaimStatus. Never mind how many claims you have, you can get the complete claim status report with one click. Over a 1000 records can take up to 1-2 minutes. Otherwise, you get the results in just a few seconds.

Bulk Claim Status
Security & Safty

Security & Safety

Be assured on the safety of your Practice and patient data (PHI). eClaimStatus data centers are SSAE-16 SOC-1, SOC-2 certified as well as HIPAA HITECH, PCI-Level 1 DSS, NIST 800-53 compliant.

ZERO Installation & Maintenance Hassles

Medical insurance policies and regulations change. But you shouldn’t have to cope with that! eClaimStatus is a web-based solution so you always access the latest version. This also means no installation, no maintenance overhead. Access the software from any desktop/laptop, anywhere, anytime.

Zero Installation

One Management View for Practitioners

Practitioners and hospital heads can track the claims status from a single dashboard. Get to know the top ten Status Codes/Denials for your practice to better manage your AR.

Downloadable Reports

All the reports can be downloaded in Excel format for record keeping.


Higher Revenue

Get alerted on denied claims and the underlying reasons faster. Take timely action and maximize your practice revenue.

No Long-term Contract

We offer monthly subscription plans. No lock-in. No long-term contract. You are with us because you want to.

Customer Sevices

Customer service

We’re here to help if you face difficulties. Raise the issue through our Support Ticket System. We have a 12-hour turnaround window for non-critical issues. Critical issues are resolved on priority using email, phone, and remote screen sharing tools.

Online training

eClaimStatus is user-friendly, intuitive and self-explanatory. However, we also provide an online training so you can get the most out of the solution.

Online Training