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Even though patient satisfaction is not directly tied to your hospital’s reimbursements, studies show that more than three-fourths of all unscheduled admissions—a major source of hospital revenue— comes through Emergency Department/Urgent Care. A patient’s perspective of the Emergency Department and their inpatient experience has a direct impact on your HCAPHS scores. That means high patient satisfaction scores are not just vital to the reputation of your practice, but also to the well-being of your entire hospital, eClaimStatus help’s increase the reputation and boost the patient satisfaction of your practice. Contributing Factors to Poor Patient Satisfaction: The front office faces some unique challenges when it comes to improving patient satisfaction

  • Long wait times to verify patient benefits
  • Patient volume increases while resources to manage remain the same
  • Limited communication with patients
  • Failure to collect the correct patient portion
  • Surprise Bill
If allowed to persist, these factors can multiply until the community holds a negative opinion of the practice, leading to loss of market share. Fortunately, these hurdles can be easily overcome by implementing eClaimStatus, with a wide payer network of 800 and fetching benefits in seconds, no longer wait time for patients or Surprise bills.

What information eClaimStatus fetches you?

  • Coverage Active/Inactive Status
  • Real-time deductible remaining
  • Pre-Cert Requirement info
  • Out of Pocket Stop Clause
  • In/Out of Network benefits
  • Co-insurance percentages
  • Co-pay information
  • PCP Information where applicable
  • Other payer information, for example MCO’s or Medicare replacement plans
  • Plan Info - PPO, HMO, etc.
  • Claims mailing address
  • IPA information
  • Limitations and more

Real Time

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