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Murugesan Jeyaraj

Murugesan Jeyaraj - President

A determined, qualified, and able leader, Murugesan is an insightful professional who understands the intricate elements of the healthcare billing process and brings in his expertise and passion for enabling successful automation solutions for complex, distributed and time critical challenges. His able leadership aims to bring positive business outcomes with the help of Artificial Intelligence and deep commitment.

Graduating with an BBA degree from the prestigious Madurai Kamaraj University, Murugesan has worked in the medical billing industry since 1998 in a variety of roles. He started his career as a Denial Entry operator and went on to handle duties in various healthcare billing services such as Hospital billing, Freestanding ER, etc. Having worked in multi-specialty hospitals and being involved in several healthcare services, he pushes himself to provide winning outcomes, solutions, and efficiencies to every medical practitioner’s business.

Over the years, he gained extensive expertise and experience in Healthcare Automation on Benefit Verification, claim status and other outsourcing business operations. He has overseen the successful development of business at eClaimStatus, making it a well-respected and an acknowledged name in the healthcare automation domain in the US.

Murugesan works closely with all the clients of eClaimStatus, developing an environment with a focus on conceptualizing and delivering automation solutions through strategic performance. He thoroughly enjoys the challenges of working within the healthcare sector and utilizes his expertise to explore and implement new ways to automate systems and provide first-class business-driven high-standard outcomes. In his free time, Murugesan loves spending time with his family and friends and likes to travel in his free time.


Nicholas Mathew

Nicholas Mathew - VP Global Operations

Nicholas Mathew is the Vice President of Operations for eClaimStatus. In this role, he oversees handling clients, acquiring new clients, and working directly with them to manage the business performance by charting out a process that is reliable, goal oriented, proactive and time critical. With 18 years of experience, he is a recognized expert in the Revenue Cycle Management industry which includes domains like Transition, Training, Automation and Operations.

A long-time industry veteran, Nicholas is a proven innovator in advancing the operations and business capabilities across the enterprise by introducing automation and propagating innovative service structures that transform healthcare practice operations. Before being associated with eClaimStatus, Nicholas has served in leading revenue cycle management companies holding senior positions creating notable process development efforts.

Nicholas has earned a degree in B.Com from Bharathidasan University. A mentor and a true leader, he leads eClaimStatus from the front creating a professional environment for clients and employees. When he is not working either he is gaming or traveling. His love for traveling takes him to locales where he connects with nature.


Chamy M

Chamy M - Senior Director - Operations

Chamy is the Sr. Director of Operations at eClaimStatus. In his role as Sr. Director, he is responsible for leading Process Management, and Client Mapping, thereby driving eClaimStatus growth strategy.

Before joining eClaimStatus, Chamy M has worked in leading organizations like Global Healthcare Resources, Etransmedia Technology Inc., and Inventurus Knowledge Solutions where he advanced through various senior leadership and management roles.

Chamy has over 17 years of experience in handling global strategic portfolios of clients within eClaimStatus.

He is a seasoned leader whose expertise in the US healthcare domain spans across Operations, Production Management, Transition, Automation, and Process Excellence. He has extensive experience in charting a better course on how a process gets carried out with automation, and as a result how the work is executed, create changes faster, more efficiently with better results that improve the client's business value.

Chamy M earned an M.Sc. and M.Phil degree in Mathematics from Madurai Kamaraj University. He has a keen interest in gardening which stems from his love for nature. He finds working with plants destressing and therapeutic.